Private Tours

All Texture the City tours are available for private bookings

Texture the City offers private tours to schools, universities, non-profits, businesses, community groups and other organizations. Private tours can be take place on a weekday or weekend, day or evening, and can accommodate up to 60 walkers or 30 bikers. We work closely with each client to create the most enjoyable experience possible.


Schools and Universities

Texture the City's walking and biking tours are appropriate for all ages – from third grade through upper-level university seminars. They are a great opportunity for students to engage directly with local history while getting out of the classroom and moving their bodies.

All school tours are aligned with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills standards. As educators, we can also assist in integrating our tours into university-level curriculum.


NGO's, Business and Community Groups

Texture the City's history tours are perfect for workplace fun days, orienting new hires, team building, and entertaining clients. They offer Austin newcomers as well as long time residents an opportunity to learn about this city's layered history while engaging tour goers in accessible physical activity. 


Fee minimums apply for private group tours. For additional information, please contact us.